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This page is the brochure for your selected program. You can view the provided information for this program on this page and click on the available buttons for additional options.
  • Locations: London, United Kingdom
  • Program Terms: Fall, Spring
  • Host Institution Website: Click to visit
  • Restrictions: LMU applicants only
  • Program Costs: Fall, Spring
  • This program is currently not accepting applications.
Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start/Arrival Date End/Departure Date
Fall 2019 03/02/2019
04/01/2019 09/04/2019 12/22/2019

Indicates that deadline has passed
Fact Sheet:
Fact Sheet:
Application Fee: $100 Click here for a definition of this term Financial Aid Applicability: All Financial Aid (Institutional, Federal and State)
Click here for a definition of this term Class Standing: Sophomore, Junior, Senior Minimum GPA: 3.0
Housing Option(s): Student Residence Hall Click here for a definition of this term Credit Type: LMU Credit & Grades
Faculty Program Director: Dr. Michael Genovese Click here for a definition of this term Study Abroad 101 Info Session Required: Yes
Study Abroad Advisor: Wilson Potts Click here for a definition of this term Study Abroad Program Advising Meeting Required: Yes
Click here for a definition of this term Areas of Study: Art, Art History, Communication Studies, Economics, English, European Studies, History, Internship, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Theater, Theological Studies Click here for a definition of this term LMU Core Courses Available: Explorations: Creative Experience (ECRE), Explorations: Understanding Human Behavior (EHBV), Flags: Engaged Learning (LENL), Integrations: Faith and Reason (IFTR), Integrations: Interdisciplinary Connections (IINC)
Program Description:
LMU Semester in London

Loyola Marymount University's London Study & Internship Program offers students a wonderful opportunity to live, study, and work in London. Faculty from LMU and noted faculty from Oxford, Cambridge, and other major universities in Britain, teach a wide variety of academic courses. The internship and courses are facilitated by the Foundation for International Education. FIE offers guest lectures by London-based experts in the fields of politics, business, and the arts. Additionally, students can participate in co-curricular activities. By the end of the program, students should become more mature and aware global citizens. Click here to see the FIE program brochure.

London 2015 Student Group

London, one of the great cities of the world, offers a thriving multicultural environment with cutting-edge music, art, and fashion. London -- and the whole of England -- is experiencing rapid and exciting changes in its identity and in its relationship with Europe and the rest of the world. Politically and economically, it is a fascinating time to be in England.

City Skyline
The LMU Semester in London: Study & Internship Program offers students 12-15 semester hours of credit. FIE course titles that are different than LMU course titles are listed in the table as indicated. FIE Courses not listed here have not been pre-approved by LMU; therefore, please only select courses from this list. Attributes for Approved Core Courses are also indicated below.
1) Select ONE required 3-unit course from this category:
CMST 3998/POLS 3998 Directed Internship - Engaged Learning Flag
2) Select ONE required course with LMU Professor Paul Chitlik (Fall 2019):

FTVS 3700: Adaptations of Shakespeare to Film (4-Units)
This course features an in-depth analysis and comparison of selected Shakespearean plays with their film adaptations or films inspired by them.  Students will study the original plays and compare and contrast them with films in class discussions and in at least two ten page papers.  The papers will focus on the presentation of characters, situations, and themes in the plays and the films, and how the differences in each medium emphasize these components.
FLAG: Engaged Learning (Pending), FLAG: Writing (Pending)
SCWR 398: Writing for Production, London
The goal is to write, rewrite, and polish three 8 minute scripts that are inspired by London locations including, but not limited to, The Eye, Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral, South End Green, Hampstead Heath, Highgate Cemetery, Keats’ House, Kew Gardens, Piccadilly Circus, Brick Lane, Hampton Court, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, or any London neighborhood.
FLAG: Writing (Pending)

3) Select ONE required British Studies (Key) Course:
LMU Course Number and Title FIE Course Title (If different than LMU) Core Approval
SOCL 3998
British Life and Cultures
British Life and Cultures Explorations:
Understanding Human Behavior
HIST 4998 (SOCL 3998)
Britain and Europe: The Awkward Partner
British Life and Europe Explorations:
Understanding Human Behavior
POLS 3940 
British Culture and Visual Media
British Life and Visual Media Integrations:
Interdisciplinary Connections
SOCL 3998 (HIST 4998)
Britain and Europe: The Awkward Partner
British Life and Europe Explorations:
Understanding Human Behavior

4) Select ONE OR TWO 3-unit course(s) (FIE Electives) from this category below:
LMU Course Number and Title FIE Course Title (If different than LMU) Core Approval
ARHS 3560 
History of Design
History of Modern Design  
ECON 3998
Economic Integration of the EU
The Political Economy of the EU: Brexit and Beyond Explorations:
Understanding Human Behavior
ECON 3998
International Trade
ENGL 3998 (THEA 430)
Studies in Shakespeare
Shakespeare & Elizabethan Literature  
ENGL 3998
Creative Writing
Nature of Story: Creative Writing Explorations:
Creative Experience
ENGL 3998
Media in Britain 
HIST 4998
Modern Britain and Britain Empire
British History: The Making of Modern Britain from Empire to Contemporary Geopolitics  
MUSC 3988
Music in Twentieth-Century Britain 
PHIL 3998
Business Ethics
Ethical Dilemmas Business & the World  
POLS 3998 (SOCL 3998)
Welfare Policy in the UK
Social Welfare Issues in the UK Explorations:
Understanding Human Behavior
POLS 3998 
British Life and Visual Media
  Integrations: Interdiscplinary Connections
POLS 3998 
US-British Politics
British Politics  
POLS 3998 
International Diplomacy
PSYC 3998
Psychology in a Global Context
Social Psychology in a Global Context Explorations:
Understanding Human Behavior
SOCL 3998 
Sociology of Sport
Sport in British Society  
SOCL 3998 (POLS 3998)
Political Sociology
Social Welfare Issues in the UK Explorations: Understanding Human Behavior
SOCL 3998
Sociology of Immigration
Diversity in Britain: Immigration, Discrimination and Integration Integrations:
Interdisciplinary Connections
THEA 430 (ENG 3998) Special Author/Genre
Seminar Shakespeare/Elizabethan
Shakespeare & Elizabethan Literature  
THST 3998
Islam and the West
Understanding Civilizations:
Islam and the West
Integrations: Faith & Reason

View FIE course information here. Please note that students can only take courses listed above.

An international internship through FIE is a pre-professional, field-based experience coupled with academic analysis and reflection. It is an educational experience whose goals are to develop professional and cultural skills and to provide personal and career awareness. London offers a vast resource for experience-based learning. The work environments available to FIE interns cater to almost every academic major and include the various business sectors, not-for-profit, political, public sector and creative organizations. Internships last seven weeks and begin after the mid-semester break. For more more information, click here and the internship brochure can be found here.

Olympic Torch  Neighborhood

No particular placement or placement industry is guaranteed to be available for an individual student during the short time the student is available to work in London. Students must select three different industry choices and may be placed in an internship related to any of their three choices. Students should prepare to accept a placement related to any of their choices.

The FIE provides a variety of student accommodations in its facilities, all based in historic and charming Kensington and just a short walk from the Foundation House Study Center. Computer lab facilities are available 24 hours a day. Students will be responsible for their own meals (facilities have kitchens). Bedrooms are fully furnished. The majority of students live in double and triple occupancy rooms, while some will live in single or quadruple rooms. For more information, click here.
Phone Booths


Not long after committing to the program and absolutely no later than 5-weeks prior to the program start date, students will be required to apply for the UK Point-based Tier 4 (General) student visa. The application process can be complex, and it takes time for the visa to be issued. For U.S. passport holders, the cost can be close to around $500, plus an additional $170 to expedite the process if needed. These visa fees are subject to change by the UK Embassy. As part of the visa application, you will receive a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from FIE, which is needed to complete your visa application. The CAS can be issued up to 3 months before the program start date.

For more detailed visa information, please see FIE's Tier 4 (General) Visa Guide.

Students with visas should not attempt to enter the UK before the validity date on the visa. The valid from date is usually seven days before and seven days after the program. UK Visas & Immigration can refuse entry to students who try to enter earlier than this date and compel them to return to their country of origin.


Click on the link for FIE SCHOLARSHIPS to see what scholarships might be available to you.  Please note that FIE scholarship deadlines are generally earlier than the LMU Study Abroad application deadline.

Fall Program Costs (click here)
Spring Program Costs (click here)



This program is currently not accepting applications.